Store the electricity you generate

Then use it when you need it, day or night

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We offer battery storage with our solar panels or if you already have solar we can install a battery in your home and connect it to your existing system.

Catch the sun and
store it


  • You could use 30% more of the electricity you generate than with solar panels alone.*

  • With warranties up to 10 years, your investment is protected.

  • There are a range of batteries and storage sizes starting from 2.4 kWh to choose from.

Battery storage allows you to charge your battery with some of the solar energy you’re not using in your home. If you’re not using much electricity during the day when you’re generating the most, the excess energy would go back into the grid.

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More information about battery storage

If you add a battery to your solar system, it will store some of the electricity you’re generating rather than exporting it. This means you’ll need to import less electricity from the grid, saving you money on your bills.

You’ll be able to choose the best battery for you and your home and they vary in capacity and physical size.

You’ll need somewhere to house the battery and its system, they can be installed in most places such as in a garage, utility room or even under the stairs.