The right products for you

The right products for you

Benefit from your own solar power

E.ON Solar system

We offer multiple solar packages to help you choose the best product for you and your home.

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Our on-roof packages are perfect if you want to add panels to your roof. We will visit your home to help you decide which solar panels are best for you and arrange for them to be installed.

What about in-roof solar panels?
We’re working with Viridian Solar to bring you sleek in-roof solar panels. These roof integrated panels replace the tiles or slates, so that they sit flush with the existing tiles to look more like part of your roof. They’re easy to install and offer exceptional wind resistance and durability.


Energy storage solutions tailored for you

  • Choose from a range of storage sizes starting from 2.4 kWh
  • A range of batteries makes finding something for your budget that bit easier
  •  A team of experts to help you decide what will work best in your home

  1. *These are example figures only. Savings are based on a south facing property in central England with a 40 degree roof tilt and no shading, with an electricity consumption of 4,900 kWh. Saving assumes fitting 12 x 315W panels and a 9.6 kWh battery.